Aeropuertos de Honduras held the Vth International Airport Quality Congress 2016 on “Airport Operations – Quality in Critical Processes”

San Pedro Sula,  October 21. Aeropuertos de Honduras held the Vth International Congress of Aviation Quality Honduras 2015 where the main topic will be “Airport Operations – Quality in Critical Processes,” which will take place on October 24 in the city of San Pedro Sula, counting with the participation of international experts representing leading airports around the world.

The objective of this fifth Airport Congress is to increase knowledge and propose different possibilities of development in quality management processes in airport operations.

National and international speakers will give presentations on their experiences in each of the institutions they represent and among them are: Jurgen Hesse Joya Division Aviation Security, Carlos Achucarro Vice-President of the Regional Committee for the Prevention of Bird Strike and Fauna ( CARSAMPAF) of Paraguay, Michael Wehmeyer Country Manager Copa Airlines, Carolina Menjivar Director of the National Institute of Migration and Alien Affairs, Samuel Veliz consultant Aeroportuario, Jaime Calderón, Regional Officer aerodromes and ground support of the Organization of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) .

Within this Congress,  themes such as: quality wildlife management, quality and management of aviation security, quality and safety plan AOG, quality in airport facilitation, quality system aeronautical operations: within the airport Congress issues as being analyzed and quality as guarantee aerodrome certification will be analyzed

Also in the same week it will also take place the Fourteenth Conference CAR / SAM of the Regional Committee for the Prevention of Bird / Wildlife Hazard, which will be held for the first time in Honduras, from the 25th to 28th of October, with the purpose of advising known issues related to safety and risk assessments in the field of bird and wildlife hazard at airports.

General Manager of Aeropuertos de Honduras, Edgardo Maradiaga said “it is very important that we have this kind of experiences, by sharing relevant knowledge on airport operations we can put in use within the four airports that we have in charge.”

On the other hand,  Nick Carter, President of the Board of CARSAMPAF, said “both the Congress and the Conference will make positive contributions and benefits for all the participants.”  He mentioned that “in the Committee we focus the issue of bird strike hazard and fauna, and in this context we take care of recommending procedures, technologies, specifications of activities and / or tasks to fulfill for the prevention of accidents and incidents of collisions between aircraft and wildlife in operating and surrounding areas of aerodromes “. Also He added that CARSAMPAF develops all its activities to contribute towards the  safety in international airports, in coordination with the Civil Aviation Authorities of States; with the support and coordination of the Regional Offices of Mexico and Peru of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Among te actions CARSAMPAF performs are the following: to collect and examine the problems identified  within the Member States of the CAR / SAM regions as a result of the presence of wildlife at airports and coordinate with the competent authorities, to assist in controlling the problem, sign agreements of cooperation and support with the Civil Aviation Authorities of the States and other interested organizations,  in order to develop programs or projects by implementing actions in order to reduce the number of accidents and incidents of bird strikes at airports amongst others.

The event will feature special guests which are a  part of the operational actors such as representatives of national and international airlines, Honduran Civil Aviation Agency (HCAA), National Institute of Migration and Alien Affairs, the International Organization for Agricultural Health (OIRSA ) Honduran Air Force (FAH) Airport Security Directorate (DSA), representatives of city halls and universities amongst others.

Aeropuertos de  Honduras, reaffirms its commitment to the growth and development of the four international airports in Honduras and works with all sectors involved in strengthening the aviation industry and air transportation to promote tourism development and economic growth.