Aeropuertos de Honduras Strengthens Campaign Against Coronavirus

Tegucigalpa, March 11. Aeropuertos de Honduras increases efforts to provide greater protection to passengers and collaborators of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), one of the actions being taken is to raise awareness amongst passengers that they keep following the instructions established by the health authorities to take the necessary precautions and avoid the spread of diseases such as the coronavirus.


Amongst other actions taken is the implementation of the campaign called “On Time, against the Coronavirus” consistent on the placement of posters in public areas, stickers in garbage cans and relevant information on the screens of the four airports, how to counter this illness, as well as the constant training of the personnel that attends the passengers.


In addition, as part of the aforementioned campaign, preventive measures have been strengthened by providing passengers, users and collaborators at the four air terminals with protection products such as hand gels, masks, as well as disinfection in different areas of the four airports.


“For Aeropuertos de Honduras, the safety and well-being of our passengers and collaborators is our number one priority. In an effort to ensure passengers traveling and our working team are comfortable, several proactive improvements have been made to our facilities, in our cleaning procedures and awareness through training and ongoing monitoring, ” said Edgardo Maradiaga General Manager.


Our airports also conduct regular drills with our operational actors to respond quickly and appropriately to emergencies. We are actively monitoring and evaluating the potential impacts of the coronavirus and working closely with our operational actors, government entities and airlines to reduce the risk for our passengers.


As we provide hygiene assistance to our passengers, we strongly urge everyone to follow directions and best practices to prevent the spread of germs.


The proactive measures taken already established or to be established to help protect our passengers, collaborators and operations are the following:


  • Installation of disinfectant gel on boarding bridges to allow passengers to disinfect their hands before boarding and when boarding the plane.


  • Ninety-nine (99) additional stations have been added where passengers and employees can access free hand sanitizer at key locations such as a security point and customer service kiosks. In addition, the migration service has been provided with hand sanitizer for passengers at the conclusion of their entry or exit procedures in said areas


  • We have increased the frequency and intensity of efforts to disinfect bathrooms and other public areas with cleaning agents intended to kill germs.


  • Also, Critical implements such as trays at passenger inspection points are also sanitized with powerful antimicrobial chemicals.


We urge all passengers, operational actors and collaborators to wash their hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds, use our hand sanitizing stations, and cough and sneeze at the elbow, to prevent the spread of particles that may affect other, passengers, collaborators or visitors. These are all easy and effective ways to avoid catching or transmitting colds, flu, and other common viruses. As the situation with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves, Aeropuertos de Honduras will continue to review the best practices and make additional improvements as necessary to reduce the spread of germs. In the meantime, we encourage our passengers to obtain the latest information on the coronavirus provided by health authorities on our page  where more information can be found in this regard.