Environmental certification for Ramón Villeda and Juan Manuel Gálvez Airports

San Pedro Sula. After complying with the evaluation of the Environmental Management System based on the requirements of the ISO  standards 14001-2015, Aeropuertos de Honduras received today the certification in environmental management for the airports Ramón Villeda Morales of San Pedro Sula and Juan Manuel Gálvez of  Roatán, in the Bay Islands.

The certification for both international airports was granted by the Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC), National Standardization Body of Colombia.

The two air terminals complied with the processes of international environmental management waste recycling management and new solutions at the infrastructure level.

“The achievement of these certifications is evidence of the commitment of an entire organization for not only the quality, but the health, safety and care of the environment, which we have been working on, aligned with the principles of sustainable development” said Edgardo Maradiaga, manager of Airports of Honduras.

The certification of both International Airports under the ISO 14,001: 2015 standard is important since, at a global level, airports are considered to be centers with a significant impact on the environment, added Maradiaga.

With this certification, the airports of San Pedro Sula and Roatán are at the forefront in the region, fulfilling the global vision of our airport operator, added the manager.

The next step, Maradiaga emphasizes, is the Carbon Footprint accreditation in order to continue developing innovation strategies in environmental matters.

The certification contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), also known as the Global Objectives, where a universal call is made to protect the planet.

Benefits of certification

By favoring the performance of environmental management, it contributes to savings in the consumption of resources, minimization of waste generation and emissions, and the strengthening of the recycling culture.

In addition, certifying airports in an Environmental Management System is an operational advantage that puts them in a favorable position in the globalized market.


As of 2000, Interairports S.A obtains the concession of the four international airports Toncontín in Tegucigalpa, Ramón Villeda Morales in San Pedro Sula, Golosón in La Ceiba and Juan Manuel Gálvez in Roatán. In 2006 it was acquired by Honduran investors focused on providing high quality services at competitive prices, complying with the high safety and quality standards of the industry.

The management of the four international airports over the last decade has required significant investments in construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure, accompanied by the hiring and training of qualified personnel to meet the natural growth of services and passengers that the aeronautical industry has experienced in these years