Honduras has two certified airports

It is approved by the Honduran Civil Aviation Agency and endorsed by ICAO

Tegucigalpa, February 2. A milestone of Aeropuertos de Honduras  in  airport operation is to receive the certification of two airports in the year 2019. Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport of San Pedro Sula, makes history by becoming the first airfield in the country that receives the certification and subsequently It is received by Juan Manuel Gálvez, the  Roatán airport, on behalf of the Honduran Civil Aviation Agency, under the regulations of the Honduran Civil Aviation Agency endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), said Edgardo Maradiaga, General Manager of Aeropuertos de  Honduras.

The certification was achieved after technical work in accordance with the specifications contained in the aeronautical regulations called RCA-139 and after complying with the preparation of the Aerodrome manual and related documents such as the airport emergency plan, disabled aircraft plan, manual of avian danger, maintenance manual, safety manual, operational procedures and detailed airport plans.

“They are certified to establish the potential of both international airports. In addition, it generates an economic benefit for the country by providing confidence and security to airlines and passengers”, added Maradiaga.

To achieve certification, members of the Honduran Agency of Civil Aviation and Aeropuertos de  Honduras worked hand in hand and in order to comply with current regulations executing a plan designed in five phases.

Certification Benefits

The certification of these airports allows us to officially transmit to the world that they guarantee safer operations, the compliance with ICAO standards and recommended methods (SARPS), embodied in national regulations, effective control of operational security and safety,  and the  promotion and assurance to existing and new airlines operating in certified airports.

The above has been possible due to the intensive training of all the operational personnel, provided by national and international consultants, which allowed us to provide the capacities for the development of their own methodologies and management systems and exclusively applicable to  the Ramón Villeda Morales  and Juan Manuel Gálvez Airports, knowledge managed by Honduran personnel.

We have been able to properly address issues of interest to the airlines for the benefit of passengers and their own equipment such as the management of the Avian Danger Program, Operational Safety, special procedures for the attention of Air Europa flights and the elevation to Category 8 SSEI from the Airport to attend this special type of  flight.  Finally  also the teamwork with the same airlines to have aeronautical studies indispensable in the operation of the airport in the case of the Ramón Villeda Morales airport, Maradiaga added.

Ramón Villeda and Juan Manuel Gálvez airports receive flights from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and with connections to South America.