International experts arrive to participate in the seventh airport quality congress

Aeropuertos  de  Honduras, holds this important event in Roatan

Roatán, September 21. Aeropuertos de Honduras will hold the VII International Congress of Airport Quality “Honduras 201, with the theme:” Accessible tourism, systemic scenario of tourism through airports “, it will be held on September 21st and 22nd in Roatan,  Bay Islands and will have the participation of international experts with airport experience.

The seventh airport congress aims to involve interest groups, which are part of the airport operations system and governmental entities related to the tourism industry and its perspective regarding “universal accessibility and facilitation under conditions of equality for all”, fostering a more just, flexible, comprehensible, friendly and harmonious society.

Among the international speakers that will accompany us as lectures are: Professor Samuel Véliz, expert and consultant in Airport Operations of Chile, Darío Raís Lopes, Minister of Civil Aviation of Brazil, Bala Palani of the Singapore Airport number 1 worldwide according to the Airport Service Quality of the ACI, Maru Acevedo of the World Tourism Organization, Ricardo Becerra Saenz of the Ministry of Transportation of Colombia, Paulo Henrique Possas of the National Secretariat of Civil Aviation of Brazil, Liliana Mesa of the Punta Cana Group – Dominican Republic

There will also be national speakers such as: Artly Brooks, who is a successful writer of tourist books, historian and consultant and has won the national cultural and artistic award Honduras 2016.

Within the Airport Congress  very important issues will be analyzed such as:

Accessible tourism through airports

Universal accessibility

The planning of the Brazilian airports for the Paralympic games and their legacy

Tourism from a perspective of universal accessibility and

The quality of airport services and accessibility

Edgardo Maradiaga General Manager of Aeropuertos  de Honduras said that “Our investments in infrastructure of more than 1,500 million Lempiras reflect our commitment to development in the four air terminals of Honduras.”

As a contribution to the development of the country, we have contributed to turn Honduras into a touristic destination. During the administration of Aeropuertos de Honduras, passenger traffic and the number of airlines have tripled in more than 2.2 million tourists passing through different air terminals to various destinations in the world, added Maradiaga.

Aeropuertos de Honduras reaches 25 different destinations worldwide, serving 31 thousand operations through the 18 lines that operate in the four air terminals.

The Concessionaire reaffirms its commitment to the growth and development of the four international airports of Honduras and works jointly with all the sectors involved in the strengthening of the airport and air transport industry to promote tourism development and economic growth in the country.