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Aeropuerto Toncontin

Toncontín Int'l Airport


Tel: (504) 2234-0106

Aeropuerto Ramon Villeda Morales

Ramón Villeda Morales Int'l Airport

San Pedro Sula

Aeropuerto Goloson

Golosón Int'l Airport

La Ceiba

Tel: (504)2442-1765 / 2442-1440

Aeropuerto Juan Manuel Galvez

Juan Manuel Gálvez Int'l Airport


Tel: (504)2445-1876

Interairports strives to have business partners that meet the needs of its passengers and visitors by providing products and services that every traveler needs. This include VIP lounges, world-class restaurants, shopping centers and consumer convenience.

Our business partners are focused on providing satisfaction and total quality to every passenger and visitor, always providing the best products and services at prices fixed responsibly and always with the warm attention.

Route Development 

As a fundamental part of the airport business and in general for tourism growth to and from Honduras, has established a program of development routes looking as primary objectives:

  1. Establish the characteristics of passenger traffic to and from Honduras to different destinations in the world and mainly the cities busiest passenger.
  2. Identify opportunities for passenger traffic on routes that there is no direct connection and that can be implemented by existing airlines or new entrants.
  3. Establish routes with growth potential where demand is greater than the existing supply.

Local Income or Spaces in Terminals

In order to maintain transparency and equal opportunities in our Business Partners, AEROPUERTOS DE HONDURAS follows a policy of engagement through direct negotiation with clients depending on the categories that are available in the airport terminals, the proposals are analyzed taking into consideration the following:

  1. Business Type.
  2. Profile of the company or applicant.
  3. Available spaces you want.
  4. Business references that owns the applicant and its market performance.

These data will be processed and analyzed by the Commercial Management and of doubt or extend your application the department will communicate with the bidder as soon as possible within no more than 5 business days.

Business New Routes

To perform various analyzes of the bases of MIDT IATA passenger traffic to and from Honduras is led by 68% of traffic to different US cities, mainly Miami, New York, Houston and Atlanta.

However, there are cities with high passenger traffic, which do not have direct flights itinerados and are a potential business for any airline, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and other destinations in Europe and Spain and the UK.

For further information contact the Marketing Management to provide it tests performed and a profile of potential business routes.

Marketing Management Contacts:

Lic. Carlos Cervantes
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

Job Opportunity

In this space we will be posting the job when available. For now you can send your data to our bag of candidates: [email protected]