ISO 9001:2015

Aeropuertos de Honduras, is a certified company since 2014 under the ISO 9001: 2008. As a voluntary and strategic initiative aimed at increasing the performance of its processes and resources to improve customer and interested parties satisfaction, in March 2017 the company decided to submit through ICONTEC to a transition audit to ISO 9001: 2015, successfully achieving its purpose.

The quality management system has led INTERAIRPORTS to:

• Remain in constant search of the requirements and expectations, not only of the client but also of all the interested parties to improve the performance of the company, using the interested parties focus groups, and of international methodologies and standards such as periodic measurements of the Four terminals, of the quality of the airport service through ASQ (American Society for Quality).

• Include in its strategic plan risk consideration, changes prevention, determine the resources and required knowledge and the role of suppliers in the processes.

• To develop in its helpers a service culture which is evidenced in the continuous improvement of the processes and in the increased satisfaction of our clients.



One of the major awards to modern airports of Honduras is the number of airlines operating in the country, making these fifteen years of operation of the concession the number of domestic and international airlines tripled.

The airports of Honduras, are still changing and are increasingly becoming centers of trade and business, offering diversity of spaces, useful goods and services for passengers and visitors.

Quantitative performance indicators of the airports, show that airport activity has grown steadily mobilizing 1,807,536 passengers in 2014. This growth is contributed by a higher volume of international passengers.

These increases, combined with the opening of operations of new airlines and new routes by airlines already operating in the country, presuppose a strengthening modeled growth rates.

Aeropuertos de Honduras in these 15 years of management has shown its full compliance with the concession contract granted by the State.

The efficient administration of the 4 international airports provide the State has allowed until September 2015 more than 2,379 million lempiras.


Investments in the airports were in various areas including security, terminals, equipment, building new infrastructure and airfield.

In the year concession has invested over 60 million dollars, which has led to obvious changes that represent more and better operations.


All airports









Aeropuertos de Honduras invests more than 114 million lempiras in the project to improve the airfield Toncontin.

The project involved the extension of 300 meters of track that allows longer service 150 meters track, 60 meters runway safety strip, 90 meters safety area leveled runway end construction margins on each side of the track active, and the construction of a perimeter fence 1,900 meters comply with the aviation security area.

The project contemplated the elimination of some obstacles in the approach area which meant the removal of more than 180,000 cubic meters of earth.

The expansion project Toncontin track meet in order to improve safety of the track and the same airport and also enforce strict performance of the Concession Agreement.

In 60 years of existence of the Toncontin International Airport for the first time an extension of 300 meters, including 150 meters of useful clue, and that exceeds 1,862 meters to 2,012 meters in length with a level area makes it is done one of the few airports in Central America have areas on runway end safety.

By having 150 meters of track operations performed airlines safer for aircraft of type A320, A319 and B737.

Also the airport in Roatan Juan Manuel Galvez have expanded 8,300 m2 of aircraft parking platform. It has a fully enhanced track, thereby achieving extend the life of it, this was achieved in collaboration with the State.