In 2000, Honduras begins the path of modernizing its air terminals, by granting the four international airports, a private company with ability to implement its investment in airport infrastructure that responds to the growth and needs of the country.

Thus Interairports SA, a company that takes the challenge of turning the country’s airports in models of modernity, efficiency, and operations according to international standards is organized.

Thus, from January 2006 the administration and management of airports and restructuring management approach linked to the philosophy of business development infrastructure is implemented Terra Group.

Interairports S.A. manages and operates four international air terminals in the country located in Tegucigalpa (Toncontin Int’l Airport), San Pedro Sula (Ramon Villeda Morales Int’l Airport), La Ceiba (Golosón Int’l Airport) and Roatán (Juan Manuel Gálvez Int’l Airport).