Ramón Villeda Morales Int'l Airport is located 20 km. the city of San Pedro Sula, the country's most active industrial city. Currently the terminal over 16,000 m² is being remodeled in order to improve the operations of passenger service and commercial areas.

The Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport got its name from one of the most popular and respected presidents who took Honduras. Previously, the airport was known as 'La Mesa'.

Ramón Villeda Morales Int'l Airport arrive daily flights from the United States, México, Central America, Caribbean and South America.

Official Name: Ramón Villeda Morales Int'l Airport.
Enterprise Administrator: InterAirports, S.A.
Distance from Downtown San Pedro Sula: 21 Kilometers
Height above sea level: 28 meters
Latitude / Length: 15º27´05´´N, 087º55´28´´ W
The Air Terminal: It has 3 jetways, one Diplomatic Room, 2 VIP.Cuenta rooms with its own terminal for private flights with a capacity of eight (8) type aircraft parking for two (2) positions for helicopters.
Cargo Facilities: Swissport has, as the company assigned to provide storage services and intermodal air cargo International Airports Toncontin (Tegucigalpa) and Ramón Villeda Morales (San Pedro Sula), offering the services of Air Cargo Management and Intermodal Import Export cargo, Perishable cargo Agent ground system (GHA).
Airstrip: Length: 2,805 ML Width: 45 ML, hydraulic concrete.
Vehicle parking capacity: General Parking: 379 spaces of hydraulic concrete.
Concessions: There are 103 sub concessions at the airport, including food and beverage, car rental agencies, business centers, financial services, free shops, tourist offices and souvenir.
VIPs and Meeting: The airport has a VIP lounge: BAC Credomatic FICOHSA and Diplomat Salon.
International Commercial Airlines: American Airlines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, AVIANCA, Delta Airlines, SPIRIT, AEROMEXICO, AIREUROPA
Local Commercial Airlines: Aerolíneas Sosa , AVIANCA Regional, CM Airlines.
Cargo Airlines: UPS, DHL, Amerijet, Fedex.

San Pedro Sula is one of the important cities of Honduras, with 1 million in habitants is the second largest city, and in it much of the country's industry is concentrated. It is a city with a high degree of development over the last century, and today is where most of the country Gross Domestic Product is generated. San Pedro Sula is an eminently commercial city, has banks, modern shopping malls, restaurants and bars of all types and sources, including American fast food.

Its festivities take place in June in honor of San Pedro, and numerous events and small livestock fairs, crafts, produce electronics, etc.


Puerto Cortés in Honduras is a city founded in the sixteenth century. It is very close to San Pedro Sula, a city near which form the economic backbone of Honduras, for its industry and its commercial port. Being a port city of Puerto Cortés makes a place where it is not difficult to feel the marine environment through its streets.

In addition to an industrial port, Puerto Cortes is a place of tourism, a destination of hundreds of Hondurans who come to enjoy its white sand beaches and Caribbean environment with its coconut trees, beaches, all in an environment where no shortage of apartments or a hotel where you can stay during your vacation in Puerto Cortés.