The term refers to bird hazard potential risk of incidents and damage from the collision of birds or animals near the aerodrome and aircraft in operation.

Wildlife especially birds generally have represented a risk to aircraft since the beginning of aviation. The presence of populations of birds and other wildlife that are temporarily or permanently within the operational areas of an airport or airport respond to different factors generally tend to be attracted to such essential conditions as food, water and rest area.

That is why the Airport Honduras takes seriously the gravity of the situation and therefore through the Bureau of Wildlife efforts and actions taken to mitigate the potential risk of wildlife considered riskier for operations.

The result of it's to obtain an atmosphere of greater safety and bird hazard control in the 4 international airports in Honduras.


In this section the most current information on progress, information bird hazard control at airports in Honduras and free information for the use of public educational and informational purposes, addressed to the general public, airlines and regulators was published DGAC.


Aiming to keep a statistical record of all incidents with crashes of fauna with aircraft within airports and airspace Honduras, it is made available to this virtual section reporting incidents with wildlife for the public in general aviation.

This section consists of filling the notification form of bird strikes (IBIS).

Thank fill all the spaces and as realistically and honestly as possible.

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Wildlife Control Manager

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