In Support of the Secretary of Health Aeropuertos de Honduras activates security protocols against Coronavirus

Tegucigalpa, January 23. Aeropuertos de  Honduras joins the actions that the secretary of Health has taken in different air  terminals  of the country, to counteract the income of  the Coronavirus disease.

Before the alert issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health (PAHO) Organization, for registered cases of Coronavirus already in countries of the American continent like the United States and Mexico, Aeropuertos de Honduras  takes preventive measures facilitating the passengers, users and collaborators of the four air terminals protective products such as hand gel, wipes, disinfectants, masks, among others.

Hygiene items are being delivered through customer service personnel, In addition to leaflets containing relevant information about this terrible disease.

“These actions are carried out in the four international airports in order to prevent  that this type of virus enters the country, in addition the protocols required in these cases are being practiced , “explained  the Manager of Aeropuertos de Honduras, Edgardo Maradiaga.

He said that Aeropuertos de Honduras conducts drills periodically and they work hand in  hand with the different institutions of the State that have presence in the terminals. One of the drills is against the entry of infectious and contagious diseases

He stressed that in national airports people entering with doubtful cases  they will be attended by the staff of the Ministry of Health, “taking into account that there is a possibility of being in front of that disease ”.

“This is a worldwide alert, where the rest of the airports are taking different actions and in the case of Honduras specifically we are carrying out various actions that prevent the entry of this disease into the country, in support of  the health authorities, “Maradiaga added-.